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Celia Gabbiani Networth, Early Life, Career, Training



Celia Gabbiani

Celia Gabbiani, originally from Marmande, France, is a professional CrossFit athlete. Celia’s adventure began when she was 10 years old when she began swimming competitively, and from there she developed a passion to compete in a variety of sports.

Celia was introduced to CrossFit by her driving instructor in 2012. She gained interest in the sport early and began participating at the age of 21. Celia quickly made a name for herself, winning her first few events and sharing her accomplishment on the internet.

Moreover, if we talk about her fame. She received most of her fame through her social media by posting her intense workout and diet routines. People appreciated the hard work and effort she used to do. She is one of the most viewed social media celebrities in the field of CrossFit in Spain. Furthermore, she is also receiving recognition worldwide due to her perfect physique and hard work. Celia is an inspiration for millions over the internet. She also has a youtube channel on which most of her videos garnered more than a million views. She is successfully and swiftly storming the internet. 

Celia Gabbiani All You Need to Know

Net Worth2 Million $
ProfessionCrossfit Athlete
Country France
Weight 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
Height5’2″ (157.5cm)

Early Life

Celia Gabbiani was born at Marmande, France in 1990. She has been a warrior since her childhood, she always wanted competition in every sport. Her elder sister introduced her to different sports at a very young age and that aroused her curiosity in competing. Talking about her parents, she has been keeping them private and has not disclosed anything regarding them. When Celia was 10 years old she began swimming with her sister and enjoy it a lot. Later she was very passionate about swimming so she started training to become a professional swimmer.

Celia Gabbiani

Furthermore, when she graduated from high school, she received her lifeguard diploma from Toulouse at the age of 19. She started to find and job and she was super busy that she had no time for swimming and eventually she had to put a full stop on swimming. Despite her immense love for swimming, she also had an interest in becoming a make-up artist. 

Nevertheless, fate wanted something else and she started doing multiple jobs in the span of 2 to 3 years. During these jobs, she meet and gained a lot of experience in Toulouse. During that time, she thought would be a great opportunity to get her driving license, so she went to apply for the driving license, and their she met her personal driving coach and instructor Erick Monoyer. Erich was the son of a famous cross-fit coach named Patrick Monoyer.

Career in Cross Fit

Celia stated that she was always an adventurous person who wanted to try new things, so she decided to “give it a shot.” Celia “forgot about swimming” by the time she was 23, focusing instead on making CrossFit her first objective.

She began training at CrossFit Chin Menton with Patrick, who began developing specialist programs for Celia. She stated that thanks to her instructor, she was able to make rapid development in all CrossFit exercises and was soon ready to compete. 

Celia Gabbiani

Family and Friends Reaction

All of her strength training, according to Celia, transformed her physical shape, and her parents and friends “weren’t very supportive” of her transition. Celia described that time in her life as difficult, saying she considered quitting the sport entirely since her friends and family were telling her she was becoming “too muscular.”

Despite the criticisms, Celia continued exercising and stated, “I said to myself, I’m going to sacrifice myself.” I prefer a more robust physique, and I don’t see why a muscular girl couldn’t be feminine.”

Celia Gabbiani Gaining Popularity

She started to participate in numerous competitions and started to gain as much popularity as she can. She was posting this journey with her followers over social media as well. There are a number of things that her followers love about her. She is continually making progress and storming the internet like wildfire. She has a goal t become one of the most famous crossfit athletes worldwide.

Weightlifting vs. Bodyweight Training

Despite her tremendous strength exploits at the gym, Celia claims she prefers bodyweight workouts to lifting weights. “It’s a great form of cardio as well as a great way to improve strength and muscle,” says Celia.

Push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, handstand push-ups, and practically any other bodyweight exercise are among her favorites. Celia has built a strong and muscular back over the years, which she attributes to two exercises: deadlifts and pull-ups.

Major Breakthrough For Celia Gabbiani

Celia Gabbiani made a blasting debut in the 2015 Crossfit games. She was in one of her best shapes during this competition and shared her pictures and videos over social media and people loved it. 


  • Deadlift: 130kg
  • Overhead squat: 55kg
  • Back squat: 100kg
  • Clean & Jerk 75kg Jerk: 79kg
  • Snatch: 63 kg

Diet and Cardio

Celia does not follow a specific diet. She practices cardio up to six times per week and heavy training, which allows her to have a varied diet with a lot of calorie flexibility.

Celia Gabbiani

Celia enjoys eating healthy foods despite not paying close attention to her calorie consumption and believes that micronutrients are more essential than macronutrients. Celia typically consumes veggies, seafood, nuts, and fruit. She also permits herself to consume less healthful meals on occasion to satisfy cravings. Chocolate muffins, cookies, brownies, and milkshakes are examples of these items.

Celia Gabbiani Net Worth

Celia is one of the most successful athletes in the cross-fit industry. She broke the radar in 2015 at cross fit games. She has millions of followers all around the world and millions of subscribers on social media and youtube. She is earning from youtube as well. Celia`s net worth is around 2 million $. 

Celia`s Social Media`s







Celia is a hardworking woman and an inspiration for millions of people around the globe. She is working day and night on her physique and is growing rapidly. Moreover, keep visiting our site for more content like these.

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