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Cole LaBrant Net Worth, Age, Career and More



Cole LaBrant

Cole LaBrant is an American actor, YouTuber, and TikToker. He is also a content creator and known for his amazing content. LaBrant gained massive followers on his social media platforms. He is very popular on, TikTok, and Instagram. Before starting his YouTube channel, he was a Vine star. LaBrant rose to prominence after working with some of the most well-known celebrities. Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice, for their Vine channel Dem White Boyz in the past. Apart from all that he is mainly known for his YouTube channel.

Cole Labrant Biography

LaBrant was born in Troy, Alabama on 21, August 1996. He is an American citizen who grew up in a Christian family. LaBrant belongs to a very religious family. He finished high school at Enterprise High School in Alabama. His mother Sheri Lewis LaBrant is also a famous TV personality. LaBrant’s younger sister Lily LaBrant is also a YouTuber.

Cole LaBran

Interesting facts about Cole Labrant

Cole Labrant age26 years
Zodiac SignLeo
Height6 ft. 1 in.

Personal life of Cole LaBrant

LaBrant in 2016, start dating Savannah Soutas. She is a popular TikTok star and Instagrammer. They married in 2017 and have a stepdaughter called Everleigh Soutas. She is very close to Cole. Posie Rayne LaBrant, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2018.


Cole in 2013 started his career as a Vine star. Their videos quickly went viral, making them incredibly popular on social media. A Water Bluff Clothing company signed a clothing contract with him. LaBrant also used to face some controversy. In addition, Cole made his debut in the web series Sanders Shorts in 2015.

Cole LaBran Age

He appeared on the reality game show “The Amazing Race 28” the same year. With time he became a social media sensation. Cole LaBrant created his YouTube channel with the name The LaBrant Fam. He started uploading videos on his channel on 26 August 2016. Cole LaBrant used to make videos about his family and capture their lives as a family on social media. In just a few months, he has over 13 million followers.

Who Cole LaBrant gets Famous?

Cole LaBrant began filming short Vine videos with two buddies in the year 2013. They quickly gained a large following in the same year. They became known as Dem White Boyz. At their peak, they had over 3 million followers. He was nominated for a Shorty award for best Viner.

Social Media Stardom


Cole LaBrant began his career through vine star. Later he created his YouTube channel. There are 13.1 million subscribers to the LaBrant Fam. Cole will frequently use clickbait in the title of their videos. However, this clickbait increases the number of views on their videos. Cole and Savannah’s wedding is one of the LaBrant Family’s most popular videos. The LaBrant Fam is known for showing off their beautiful family. Their love for each other, and their fun together. 


Cole Labrant also has a large Instagram following. He frequently posts sneak peeks of upcoming videos on Instagram. These postings contain glimpses of his life in the form of images or Reels. Overall, @sav.labrant has 7.3 million followers.


Cole and Savannah Labrant created substantial platforms on TikTok. As it grew in popularity. The duo has a massive TikTok following, with each having over 22 million followers.

Cole LaBran Net Worth

Cole LaBrant Net worth

Cole LaBrant considers one of the richest YouTubers in America. Moreover, from his YouTube channel, he roughly generates $5.5 million in revenue annually. To promote brand companies, typically pay $200 to $20,000 per branded video influencer to promote on TikTok. Cole LaBrant earns almost $80,000 every month. Furthermore, Cole and his wife Savannah wrote a book. Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story in 2018, which was a success. This book greatly impacts Cole LaBrant’s net worth.


Cole LaBrant is one of the top YouTubers with a massive fan base. Is unmatched when it comes to brand marketing. He endorses various brands, including

·         SugarBearHair

·         NyQuil

·         DayQuil

·         HP

·         And others

The LaBrant Fam, like most content creators, has offered products for their adoring followers. To purchase and to show their support. The Labrant Fam receives a lot of exposure from marketers looking for sponsorships. Because they are one of the top Cristian Family YouTube channels. Furthermore, LaBrant Fams’ adaptability and extensive range of content, as well as their endearing personalities. Making them extremely enticing for marketing partnerships.

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