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Dhruv Rathee Net Worth, Wiki, Marriage, Biography



Dhruv Rathee Net Worth

From uploading travel videos to being most followed Social media activist on YouTube, Dhruv Rathee’s Net Worth increased to immatchable heights. Check his Wiki, Income etc.

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth in 2022

Name Dhruv
Full Name Dhruv Rathee
Profession YouTuber, Social Activist,
Analyst, A Lifestyle Vlogger,
Mechanical Engineer
Net Worth in USD $ 4+ Millions
Net Worth in INR ₹ 29+ Crores


Based on the reports published by multiple media sources and news articles,

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth is approximated to be more than $ 4 millions, which is equivalent to be more than ₹ 29+ Crores in Indian Rupees.

According to me,

Dhruv deserves all the success he has earned until now and all of this wouldn’t have been possible without Dhruv’s

  • Hard Work
  • Dedication
  • Willpower
  • Consistency
  • Passionate

Apart from that,

He earns through multiple sources and is certainly not dependent on any one source of income.

Who is Dhruv Rathee?

Dhruv Rathee standing in a garden with a broad smile on his face | Dhruv Rathee Net Worth & Biography

Dhruv Rathee is an Indian YouTuber, Social Activist, Analyst, A Lifestyle Vlogger and most importantly a Mechanical Engineer.

He is an Indian National but happen to be living in Germany.

Important Fact - Dhruv migrated in Germany for his post graduation studies and job.

He is one of the most hard working yet a dedicated YouTuber and Activist from India.

Having around 6 million subscribers on his main channel, Dhruv regularly uploads videos expressing his views and opinions about critical socio-political and environmental issues being faced in the world, which are neglected by the Indian media.

Dhruv Rathee is a YouTube educator whose expertise lies in doing simplified and factual breakdowns of complex and unknown topics.

He is often known for spreading awareness happening around the world in a simplified way.

In this article,

You’ll be getting all of the information related to Dhruv Rathee’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, Income, Family, Biography, Lifestyle and everything you need to know about him.

Dhruv Rathee Bio, Wiki, Physical Stats

Real Name Dhruv Rathee
Nickname Dhruv Rathee
Civil Status Married
Religion Hindu
Hometown Haryana, India
Nationality Indian
Birth Date October 8, 1994
Height 5′ 11″
Age 27 Years
Weight 77 Kgs
Zodiac Sign Libra
Eye Color Black
Profession YouTuber, Social Activist,
Analyst, A Lifestyle Vlogger,
Mechanical Engineer
Hobbies Travelling, Photography,
Scuba Diving, Martial Artist
Favorite Actor Tom Cruise, Aamir Khan,
Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan
Favorite Actress Deepika Padukone
Favorite Color Black
Estimated Net Worth $ 4 Millions

Early Life of Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee childhood picture with his mother

Dhruv Rathee was born on October 8, 1994 in a Jatt family in Haryana, India.

He has completed his primary and higher secondary education from a CBSE school in Haryana.

After completing his primary education from Haryana, Dhruv flied to Germany for his graduation in Mechanical Energy and further continued his master’s in “Renewable Energy Engineering”.

Dhruv from his childhood was very much interested in social and natural issues, and has always took active parts in the campaigns of “Greenpeace” and “Sea Shepard“.

Greenpeace is a global network, a non-profit organization of independent campaigning authorities which implement peaceful protests and creative communication techniques to expose world environmental problems and promote solutions.

While, Sea Shepard is also a non-profit organization which protects all marine animals.

Career Details of Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee looking sideways with a broad smile

After completing master’s in Renewable energy, Dhruv started working as a “Mechanical Design Engineer” in a company in Germany,

Meanwhile in 2014,

Due to his huge interest in videography and a filmmaking, Rathee started his YouTube channel and started posting his travel and lifestyle vlogs on his channel.

Early Travel Vlog (2014)

He came into limelight, when he first posted his first political video, named as “BJP Exposed: Lies Behind The Bullshit“. (NOW DELETED)

The video was based on Rathee’s views on Narendra Modi’s government and how BJP government was not doing as per their earlier assurances.

Dhruv says that his interest in political issues boosted when Anna Hazare's movement started in Delhi.

Rathee regularly uploads videos, to break down people’s false views and assumptions regarding the ongoing political happenings.

In 2016,

He uploaded a video regarding the new odd-even traffic rule from Delhi.

The video was intended to breakdown a Delhi Boy’s views who was praising Narendra Modi and was against CM Kejriwal.

Dhruv also has a Facebook page which is named as “Dhruv Rathee Squad” where he posts his views to counter fake news.

Dhruv also has a vlog channel, named as “Dhruv Rathee Vlogs”, where he regularly uploads his travel vlogs with his wife “Julie Lbr”.

Juli‘s Hometown! | Dhruv Rathee Vlogs

English Pronunciation Challenge! | Dhruv vs Juli

Facts and Controversies

Dhruv Rathee's Portrait, Dhruv Rathee Net Worth and Biography, Age, Wiki
  • In the year 2020, fake news charges came up against Rathee when he mentioned on twitter that Modi sold 170,000 hectares of forest to Adani Group.
  • Dhruv also got into an online fight with actress Kangana Ranaut. Ranaut claimed that Dhruv has taken significant amount money to make that video.
The video was based on Kangana Ranaut's hypocritical statements. He also mentioned about BMC sending her a notice in 2018.
  • There was a police complaint lodged against him for accusing a BJP supporter in Delhi.

Vlog on Police Complaint
  • Dhruv Rathee is an avid fan of NDTV’s Ravish Kumar’s journalism and has also got featured in an interview with Ravish Kumar.

Dhruv Rathee’s Interview with Ravish Kumar

Personal Life of Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee sitting with his girlfriend "Juli" on a sofa

Dhruv Rathee in his personal life is a very shy yet confident man.

He likes to travel all around the world and is really a passionate YouTuber.

Apart from that,

Dhruv is now married to his long-time girlfriend, Julie Lbr in Vienna at Belvedere Palace.

As of 2022,

She is a medical student.

Sources of Earning

Being a hard working yet a passionate YouTuber,

Rathee earns through multiple sources and is definitely not dependent on any one source of income.

One of his major sources of income are as follows:

  • YouTube
  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsorships
  • Brand Endorsements
  • Family Businesses
  • Advertisements


Dhruv Rathee sitting in a restuarant smiling

Dhruv Rathee Income, Salary

Period Estimated Amount
Per Video Income ₹ 29+ Lakh [Estimated Amount]
Monthly Income ₹ 50+ Lakhs
Yearly Income ₹ 6 Crores

According to various sources and the data provided by multiple YouTube earning analysis sites published online and offline,

Dhruv earns somewhere around ₹ 50 lakhs in each month from YouTube.

Which makes his annual earning to be more than about ₹ 6 crores.

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth Trend – Last 5 Years

Year Amount in USD
Net Worth in 2018 $ 800K
Net Worth in 2019 $ 1.6+ Million
Net Worth in 2020 $ 2.4+ Million
Net Worth in 2021 $ 3.2+ Million
Net Worth in 2022 $ 4 Million

Social Media Handles

Facebook Click Here
Instagram Click Here
Twitter Click Here
YouTube Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Dhruv Rathee earn?

Dhruv Rathee earns somewhere around ₹ 25-30 lakhs in each month from YouTube and sponsorships, which makes his annual income to be more than ₹ 2 Crores.

Where does Dhruv Rathee live?

Dhruv Rathee is a professional Mechanical Designing Engineer and happened to be living in Germany.

What is Dhruv Rathee Net Worth in Indian Rupees?

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth is estimated to be more than $ 4 millions, which is equivalent to be more than ₹ 29+ Crores in Indian Rupees.

What is Dhruv Rathee’s educational qualification?

Mr. Rathee has completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering and his master’s in Renewable Energy Engineering.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts of the Author

After researching a lot on Dhruv Rathee Net Worth and Biography,

I came to know a lot of the crazy facts from his life,

From all of those struggles and ups and downs

I can surely say that,

You may never know what results come from your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.

– Mahatma Gandhi


This was all of the information related to Dhruv Rathee Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, Income, Family, Biography, Lifestyle and everything you need to know about him.

I really hope that you guys liked this article,


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