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Dynamo Gaming Net Worth, Salary, Income GF, Bio



Dynamo Gaming Net Worth

What is Dynamo Gaming Net Worth?

NameAditya Sawant
Stage NameDynamo Gaming
Full NameAditya Deepak Sawant
ProfessionProfessional Gamer
Net Worth in USD$ 2.8 Millions
Net Worth in INR₹ 21 Crores

As of 2022,

Dynamo gaming net worth is more than $ 2.8 million.

Which is approximately, more than ₹ 21 Crores in Indian Rupees.

Dynamo earns from various sources such as;

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Superchats
  3. Google Pay/ PayTM/ PhonePe (His fans Contribute)
  4. Social Media
  5. YouTube Channel Membership
  6. Brand Endorsements

While, the major source of his earning comes from YouTube Superchats and the contributions by his fans (Gpay, PayTM, PhonePe).

In this article,

you’ll be getting all the information related to Aditya Sawant AKA Dynamo Gaming’s net worth, Biography, age, physical stats, his life story and much more.

Dynamo Gaming Biography

Aditya Sawant or Dynamo is the creator of one of the biggest gaming YouTube channels from India.

I don’t know, if you’re a gaming fan or not and whether you know Dynamo or Aditya or not,

but I’m sure that once in a while,

you definitely hear about one of his famous dialogues and that is “Patt Se Headshot!!’.

Dynamo Gaming Wiki, Bio, Physical Stats

Name Dynamo or Dynamo Gaming
Real NameAditya Sawant
ParentsDeepak Sawant (Father)
Vaishali Sawant (Mother)
SiblingAaradhya Sawant (Sister)
Birth DateApril 18, 1996
Age25 Years
Height5 Ft. 7 Inches
Eye ColorDark Brown
Civil StatusSingle/Unmarried
ProfessionProfessional Gamer

Early Life of Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo or Aditya, was born on April 18, 1996 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and he is currently 24 years old.

His father’s name is ‘Deepak Sawant’ while his mother’s name is ‘Vaishali Sawant’.

Aditya also has a younger sister, her name is ‘Aaradhya Sawant’.

She is young by one year to Dynamo.

Aditya is also called as ‘Aadii’, so Aadii from his very childhood was the most stubborn and a soul with the never give up attitude,

having perseverance was his thing.

Dynamo from his very childhood was very much excited about video games and pc games.

Introduction To Gaming

One thing I would like to especially mention here is that,

due to the morning rush in his house,

his mom used to give him ₹ 5 /day for him to buy-eat Samosa as his breakfast, but Dynamo always used to use that money, to play games in a game parlor.

He was even a good student in his school days, but tilted towards gaming from his early years in school.

He used to spend a lot of time, playing the games like Dota2, Apex, BF4, BF3, BF2 and GTA V.

Career Details of Dynamo Gaming

Later in 2010, he started his YouTube channel and started recording the video games while him playing the games,

after some years, his father gave him some money to make build his own PC for him to continue his hobby.

In those times, Aadii also used to work as a ‘Data Scientist’ which helped him to build more good PC, as the money his father gave him was not that sufficient.

I would like to mention one thing here, and that is;

until 2015, means for near about 5 years he didn’t have even 100 viewers for his gaming videos,

but he didn’t fall back, he has always believed in him, he didn’t stop there and again started with more efforts.

Finally, in 2015

PUBG was released, so then Aadii started to stream PUBG on his channel, and on the very first stream of PUBG, he got near about 80 online views.

I would say, this was kind of a big break for Aadii and from that moment Aadii (Dynamo) never turned back and always climbed the stairs of success.

If you check, on his current subscribers on his YouTube channel, there are 9.14 million subscribers as of 2022.

But it was never easy for him, he had to spent almost 5-6 years of his life, to make grow his channel, instead of that, he has also been through many of the controversies.

Many of the times, people blamed him saying that he is a hacker, also there was a time, when he by mistakenly said some things on his stream, which he was not supposed to say. But fortunately, his father explained him a lot of things, and advised him.

As the famous author, Sir Mark Manson would say,

“No matter where you go, there will always be 500-ton load of shit waiting for you”.  

– Mark Manson

and the same thing has also had happened with ‘Dynamo’.

Personal Life of Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo also has a girlfriend, and her name is “Kanika Bisht“.

Kanika Bisht is a 22 year old gaming YouTuber.

She is often seen playing PUBG with dynamo on livestream.

She also has her YouTube channel, and Instagram following.

She’s in Dynamo’s clan as a name “Hydra Kani“.

Awards and Achievements

Most Popular YouTube Gaming Creator Award PMSC 2019
YouTube9.14 Million Subscribers
One of the first and leading Gaming Creator From India

Luxury Cars Owned by Dynamo Gaming

  1. Hyundai Verna – ₹ 15 Lakhs

2. AUDI R8 – ₹ 2.30 Crores+

Dynamo Gaming Income, Salary, Earning

Time PeriodEarning
Per Video Income₹ 60K+
Monthly Income₹ 7 Lakhs
Annual Income₹ 1.5 Crores

Dynamo Gaming Net Worth Trend – Last 5 Years

YearAmount in USD
Net Worth in 2018$ 600K
Net Worth in 2019$ 1 Million
Net Worth in 2020$ 1.4 Million
Net Worth in 2021$ 1.8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$ 2.8 Million

Social Media Handles

FacebookClick Here
InstagramClick Here
TwitterClick Here
YouTubeClick Here

Some Facts of Dynamo Gaming

  • Dynamo is also a ‘Hearty person
  • One of the biggest emotional and work-related support of Dynamo is his uncle ‘Sameer Kandalkar’, as he also helps Dynamo with video editing and stuff.
  • Dynamo’s first fan moment was while playing ‘PUBG MOBILE’ when one of his fan came to him, as an opponent and praised him with saying ‘Big Fan bhai’ crying out loud, while saying ‘I didn’t think ever that I’ll be able to meet you, or talk to you’!!
  • Adii came up with the name ‘Dynamo’ after his favourite show ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’ he liked the name very much that he first named himself as ‘Dynamic’ and then finally with ‘Dynamo’ as the name was not fitting in the letter box as there were the limitations of 6 letters only. So, he named himself as ‘Dynamo’
  • Dynamo is very humble towards his fans, and he always gets emotional that he can’t see his fan’s face while meeting them in-game.
  • As per the sources, Dynamo’s current net worth is more than ₹ 21 Crores INR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dynamo Gaming Net Worth?

As of April 2022, Dynamo Gaming net worth is more than $ 2.8 million or ₹ 21 Crores in Indian Rupees.

Who is Dynamo Gaming’s Girlfriend, What is her name?

Dynamo Gaming’s or Aditya Sawant’s Girlfriend is “Kanika Bisht” and she is also a professional gamer and a YouTuber

Who is Aditya Sawant’s father?

Aditya Sawant’s father is “Mr. Dipak Sawant”. His father is one of the biggest support system of Dynamo.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts Of The Author

This was all the information related to Dynamo Gaming Net Worth, Biography and all of the information related to him.


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