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Fraser Wilson, Age, Networth, Career, Early Life



Fraser Wilson

Fraser Wilson is an Australian social media influencer and fitness YouTuber. He is known for his Nominative youtube channel. Moreover, he uploads several videos on nutrition tips and workout routines. Furthermore, he is currently inactive from nearly all social media platforms. The last video that he had uploaded was a year ago. The reasons for his inactivity are still unknown, but in the future, if he becomes active, we will update you with more insights.

Moreover, he was one of the fittest guys on social media. Fraser got a lot of fan base and a lot of wealth through his breathtaking body and thriving career. However, if we talk about his youtube videos, nearly all of his videos attract around 20 million views per video. His primary focus in those videos is on workout routines, lifestyle vlogs, and diet plans. 

Online Fitness Coaching Platform 

He has introduced his fitness coaching platform through his website called “FraserWilsonFitness.” He started to get gigs through multiple big brands after he hit around 1 million subscribers. Since then, he has been getting more and more fame as the day passes. 

What is Fraser`s Wilson Net Worth

Net Worth3 million $
Born November 12, 1996
Age 26
ProfessionFitness Youtuber
Annual Salary 470,000$
Fraser Wilson,


Just like all other kids, he was a kid who used to enjoy playing with friends and family.  But he was kind of different from the rest, so, at the age of 17, he started his youtube channel. He uploaded his first video that was titled “World Most Liveable City, Chest Workout” on 16 November 2016. He was very working hard to gain subscribers. Since then, he continuously started posting his workout routines and diet plans. Moreover, he used to upload videos of multiple workouts like legs, hamstrings, and arms, Furthermore, he used to elaborate his full day of eating. Talking about his first year, he focused on uploading diet-related content and workout plans. 

Talking about his actual fame from youtube, he got it when he started to upload daily challenges and vlogs. 

Major Breakthrough

Talking about his breakthrough, there were multiple videos like “World Most Liveable City, CHEST WORKOUT.” Furthermore, in the last months of 2019, a video of Fraser stormed the internet its name was “10 MIN MORNING WORKOUT” and it is seen as the breakthrough of his career as a fitness YouTuber. This video has garnered around 18 million views in three years. Just because of this video, he has gained a lot of followers. 

Early Life

Fraser Wilson was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, in a Christian family. He was born on 12 November 1996. Moreover, the details about his parents and sibling are unknown, because he is kind of private when it comes to his family. He owns his apartment and he is living separately from his family. He thinks that his fame can be hectic for his family to handle, people will disturb them if they know them. 

Physical Appearance

Talking about his physical appearance, he was a nerd and had nearly no confidence in doing anything. Moreover, he was very skinny. During those days, he felt alone and he took advantage of this and he started to work out. However, time travel to the date, his weight is around 165 pounds (75kg), and his height is around 5 feet 9 inches. 

Fraser Wilson net worth

Other Income Streams

Fraser has around 2 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Cashing that out, he launched his fitness app called “Fraser Wilson Fit”, in this app he offers bespoke meal plans and custom gym workouts. Moreover, he offers fitness tips on his Instagram as well and earns through custom workout plans as well. He has around 1.7 million followers on Instagram. 

Moreover, he is the brand ambassador of a company called “Gymshark.” Furthermore, he also does endorsements for brands like EHPlabs.

Career Highlights

Here are some top videos from Fraser Wilson:

  • A 10-minute home Ab workout (6-pack guaranteed) was in 2018.
  • A 10-minute morning workout ( no equipment bodyweight workout) was in 2019.
  • 10-min Bodyweight workout ( no equipment home workout) was in 2018.
  • 15-minute arm workout (dumbbells only) was in 2020.
  • 10-min arm perfect ABS workout (no equipment bodyweight workout) was in 2019.

Fraser Wilson’s Net Worth

He is a famous and growing YouTuber in Australia. He gained success through his physique and online presence. His estimated net worth is around 3 million dollars. Moreover, his net worth is growing just because he is offering custom workout and diet services as well. 

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