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Prettyboyfredo Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend




Prettyboyfredo is a social media personality and youtube star from the United States of America. He garnered a lot of fame by playing a basketball simulation video game that was developed by visual concepts named NBA 2k. However, that game was based on National Basketball Association. Through his challenges, vlogs, and pranks, he gathered around 6.92 million subscribers on Youtube and garnered around 2 million followers on Instagram. prettyboyfredo age is 30 years.


Full Name Alfredo Villa 
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1993
Current CityUnited States of America
Stage Name Prettyboyfredo
Birth PlacePalm Beach, Florida, USA
Age30 years as of 2023


Prettyboy is formally known as Alfredo Villa. He was born in Palm Beach, Florida, United States on August 20, 1993. So still if you are wondering how old is prettyboyfredo than the answer is he is 30 years old as of 2023. 

He was very young around the age of 3 his parents left him. Alfredo has a biological mother whose name is Angela and she was a drug addict. 

Furthermore, talking about his biological father, he was a illegal immigrant that originally belongs to Costa Rica. The government authorities found him and his siblings left alone and neglected. All of his siblings including him were ordered by the court to be put in foster care. Unfortunately, after some time they all were separated and kept in different foster care homes. 

Prettyboyfredo Height

This gamer completed his graduation in 2011, from Ridge Community High School. It was a time when he gained an interest in football and basketball so he started to play them. You must be wondering how people started to call him Prettyboy. So when he used to play these sports, then his fan girls started to call him this. 

When he was 19 years old and was in high school. He was detained for stealing video games from an electronic store. However, he got free and the authorities kept him on probation for one year just because his history was clean. 

Moreover, when he was on probation he started to play games and stream them on youtube. Later he started to earn money from that and made his biological parents proud.

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance 

Height5 feet 10 Inches
Weight65 Kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Skin ColorTan
Hair TypeStraight
Body TypeAverage Muscular

Personal Life

He was in a romantic relationship with his former girlfriend name Jasmine. They fell in love and started a youtube channel together named Fredo & Jas. Later after a few years, Villa announced in a public post that is going to be a father soon. In November 2017, Jasmine and Fredo welcomed a baby girl. Soon after that, they started a happy life and used to share their child’s picture on social media.

When he used to post her baby pictures he always said that he cannot explain the feeling that he had when he had first laid hands on his daughter. However, their relationship ended in 2019 due to personal reasons. Moreover, in 2019 the celebrity posted a video exposing the truth of their relationship and that video garnered around 2 million views on Youtube. 

Marital Status Unmarried
Eating HabitNon-vegan

Prettyboyfredo Net Worth

Prettyboyfredo is a successful YouTuber and his net worth is around 5 million$. He earns every month from 100k$ to 200k$. The major sources that he uses to earn money are sponsorships and ad revenue. He made his first youtube channel back in 2009, the first video that he uploaded was reviewing NBA 2K15 on Xbox. 

He currently has 7.33 million subscribers on youtube and is still growing. One of its main video that should be a must-talk is from 2017, when he took a street kid for shopping and that video gained more than 15 million views. In that same year, he got 37  million views when his pretty girlfriend threw his Ps4 in the pool. 

Prettyboyfredo Age

Where Does He Live?

Prettyboyfredo is currently based in New York City. He used to live between New York and Florida, but he sold his house in Florida and now lives in New York full-time. He spends most of his time in New York with his friends from Savage Squad Hoopers, but he frequently travels to Florida to visit his parents and daughter.

Rip Prettyboyfredo Rumor

prettyboyfredo passed away is one of the most searched entities on Google. But it is totally fake. He is alive and healthy. He is posting lately these days, but he is alright and alive. 

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