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Sarah’s Day: Top 5 Workouts for a Stronger You”



Sarah's Day

Sarah Diana Stevenson is a British taekwondo athlete. She is an Australian fitness influencer and YouTuber. She is Virgo born on August 30, 1992, in Doncaster. She is famous by the name of Sarah’s Day. She attended Don Valley high school in Scawthrope. She is best known for her beauty content and healthy lifestyle. She promotes her holistic and beauty content and healthy lifestyle through her social media pages. She is a well-known YouTube influencer and has millions of followers. She is a hardworking fitness influencer and motivates her followers with her knowledge through vlogs.

Early Life

Sarah Stevenson Aka Sarah’s Day grew up in a supportive family. She is passionate about health and fitness from a very young age. She led an active lifestyle and develop an interest in sports, nutrition plans, and physical activities. She started her training for a healthy lifestyle at the age of 7 at taekwondo. With time Sarah’s fascination deepened with fitness and wellness. Then she started to explore the various workouts and physical activities. She watched videos of workout routines, healthy diets, and physical activities on YouTube. Around that time she reached a lot that helped her to start her healthy lifestyle. Her enthusiasm for beauty and health leads her to create a YouTube channel. 

Sarah’s Day Career

In 2013, Sarah Stevenson began her YouTube career and became an influencer. She created her channel with the name “Sarah’s Day”. She also created her Instagram profile and start posting beauty and health tips and workout videos. Sarah’s Day passion for exercising, as well as the enthusiastic response from her audience, motivated her to share her fitness journey. Viewers respond well to her personable and sincere style. And her channel began to gain popularity. In August 2013, she posted her first video “About Me: first video-Sarah’s Day”. In 2018, she and her husband Kurt Tilse launched the “The Health Code” podcast. Stevenson published her most popular video on her channel, “BIRTH VLOG! Labor & Delivery of Our First Baby!” in March 2019.

Sarah’s Day YouTube account has 1.54 million subscribers, with 491 videos posted. In 2021, the YouTuber and fitness influencer expanded her interests by launching her website. Stevenson sells her eBooks, activewear collections, workout programs, and skin and body products on this website.

Sarah's Day


In 1998, Stevenson become the junior world champion and this was when Sarah’s Day started her career.   She won 3rd place in the Olympics’ World Qualification Tournament in 2000. She also qualified for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Women’s 67 kg. These achievements cause fame and also drew the attention of Jackie Chan martial arts superstar. The next year, in 2001 she became the first world Taekwondo Championship Middleweight Women, defeating the 2000 Summer Olympics gold medalist in the final. At the Olympics of 2004 in the Women’s +67 kg event she was eliminated by Venezuela‘s Adriana Carmona in the first round. After the 2008 Olympics Stevenson, do not favor the judging system and often boycott such tournaments.

Personal information

If we talk about her education, hometown, and her marital status. When started her YouTube channel at that time she was pursuing her study in communications at university. She lives in Sydney, Australia. She got married to at the destination of Byron Bay.

EducationCommunication studies
HometownSydney, Australia
Marital statusKurt Tilse

Online persona

As a YouTube influencer and content creator she create a vibrant online persona. Her persona is the combination of positivity and motivation that embrace her viewers to have a healthy lifestyle. Authenticity and reliability this is the key of her online persona. She shares her personal fitness, beauty tips, and nutrition plans routine to make more it relatable for her viewers. Her genuine passion for helping other lives to live healthier life endeared her to have wide audience. Her audience’s reaction increased her popularity as an influencer and content developer.   

Sarah's Day

Net worth

As Sarah’s Day started her career on YouTube and Instagram. She accumulated fare amount of wealth by sharing fitness routines.  She mainly earns from YouTube videos and in 2023 her income is estimated which is around 2 million dollars. She also works as a brand ambassador for many brands and earns money as a brand endorsement. After tremendous fame, she launched her wellness app called “Sunee”. On which she shares a variety of recipes. Sarah Stevenson’s business is focused on her studies into healthy and holistic living. Her brand offers resources and products to support individuals in leading healthier and more active lifestyles.

Top 5 workouts

According to Sarah’s YouTube videos, she often shared her top 5 workouts with her audience which are:

  • High-intensity training: This is for its effectiveness in burning calories.
  • Resistance training: This workout built strength in muscles.
  • Pilates: This improves flexibility and overall body wellness.
  • Circuit training: It’s a series of exercise back-to-back with no rest.
  • Outdoor workouts: Outdoor workouts for mental and physical health.

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