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Adama Sanogo Net Worth, FAQs, Career Highlight



Adama Sanogo

Adama Sanogo is a college basketball player from Mali. He has played professional basketball for National Basketball Association (NBA) and Chicago National Bulls while having a two-way contract with NBA G League by Windy City Bulls. He won the national championship in 2023 with UConn Huskies and he was titled as the Final Four`s Most Outstanding Player. He led the team of UConn Huskies team in the “Madness Tournament” in 2023.

He started playing basketball in 2014 and before this, he was super interested in playing soccer. But when he steps into basketball, he set a lot of records and bring his name to the top of the best players list. 

Net Worth50,000$
Born February 12, 2002
ProfessionBasketball player

Adama`s Net Worth

His estimated net worth is around 50,000$. He is an upcoming and flourishing star in the basketball game. People say that he is on the verge of becoming the most successful player in NBA history. He has achieved so much at the beginning of his career and he has a lot to see in the future.

Career Highlight

  • Gatorade Connecticut – Boys Basketball Player of the Year, 2020-2021
  • Game Time CT or New Haven Register – Boys Basketball Player of the Year 2020-2021
  • Freshman Season at UConn – Played 24 games while averaging 3.7 points and 2.6 rebounds 2020-2021
  • All-Freshman Team, 2020-2021 – Big East Conference

FAQs About Adama Sanogo

Here are some most frequently asked questions regarding him. 

1. Where Was Adama Sanogo Born?

According to his biography on the UConn Huskies website, Adama Sanogo was born in Bamako, Mali. According to the bio, Sanogo’s family still resides in Mali. Bamako is the capital of Mali, a country in West Africa.

2. How Old Is Adama Sanogo

Adama Sanogo is 21 years old. According to the UConn website, Sanogo was born on February 12, 2002. According to Insider, Sanogo was 15 when he relocated from Mali to the United States. He arrived alone and did not speak English.

Sanogo expressed his desire to give back to his home country through basketball, telling CTInsider in 2021, “Something I would like to do for my country, is open a hospital so I can help kids.” That is something that motivates me to become a professional one day.”

“Where I’m from, you have to be tough, you know?” he continued. What we do in Mali, most people from [the United States] cannot go through what we went through.”

Adama Sanogo

3. Where Did Adama Sanogo Go to High School?

According to the UConn website, Adama Sanogo attended Our Savior New American School in Centereach, New York, before transferring to The Patrick School in Hillside, New Jersey. He graduated from high school in 2020.

According to the UConn website, Sanogo “grew up playing soccer until starting to play basketball in 2014.” According to his bio on the Huskies website, he also played AAU basketball for the New York Rens.

4. Who Is Adama Sanogo’s Mother?

According to the UConn website, Adama Sanogo’s mother is Awa Traore. According to CTInsider, Sanogo’s mother operates a clothes boutique in Bamako.

5. Who Is Adama Sanogo’s Father?

According to the UConn website, Adama Sanogo’s father is Cheickne Sanogo. According to Insider, Cheickne Sanogo owns a car wash in Mali. In 2021, Adama Sanogo told CTInsider that his father had five car wash facilities, one of which was closed down by the government. According to Insider, Sanogo spent his childhood working for his father and helping with the corn crop at his grandfather’s farm.

Sanogo told the newspaper that his parents convinced him to relocate to the United States when the authorities intervened to close one of his car washes. “They came in and said you couldn’t wash cars here any longer.”

6. Does Adama Sanogo Have Any Siblings?

According to his biography on the Huskies website, Adama Sanogo has five older sisters and one younger brother. According to an insider, one of Sanogo’s sisters is studying in France, and his younger brother, who also played basketball, is now studying in Italy.

7. How Tall Is Adama Sanogo?

According to the UConn website, Adama Sanogo stands 6’9″ tall. According to his bio on the Huskies’ website, he weighs 245 pounds.

8. How Many Languages Does Adama Sanogo Speak?

According to the UConn website, Adama Sanogo speaks four languages: French, Arabic, Bambara (Mali’s home language), and English. According to the New York Post, he learned English after relocating to the United States when he was 15 years old.

According to insider, he has always “wanted to go to France, just to study.” Going to France is a major deal for us in Mali. I’m not going to America if I can go to France. Because I am not fluent in English. I can only communicate in French. ‘He’s tall,’ observed my uncle. I believe he should study and play basketball in America.”

9. Will Adama Sanogo Be Drafted & Go to the NBA?

According to NBA Draft Room, Adama Sanogo is projected as a possible second-round pick in the NBA Draft’s second round.

“One of the most productive players in college basketball this past season, Sanogo has helped his potential NBA outlook but hasn’t quite emerged as a top prospect,” according to The Athletic. Sanogo is certainly more likely to wind up overseas than in the NBA, but he’s developed enough in critical areas to be considered for a two-way contract as an undersized center.”

10. What Are Adama Sanogo’s Career Stats at UConn?

According to the Huskies’ website, Adama Sanogo has 1,202 points, 636 rebounds, and 106 blocks in his UConn career.

Sanogo is averaging 17.8 points per game in 2022-2023, up from 14.8 points per game in 2021-2022. In 2022-2023, he averages 7.4 rebounds per game. Sanogo has made 86 appearances for the Huskies.

Adama Sanogo net worth

11. Did Adama Sanogo Almost Go to Seton Hall?

According to The UConn Blog, Adamo Sanogo chose UConn over Seton Hall. In 2020, he stated, “I chose UConn because I love UConn.” I performed my research and found it to be the perfect fit for me.”

“I think Danny and his staff did a great job closing on him,” Sanogo’s high school coach, Chris Chavannes, told The UConn Blog before Dan Hurley, a Seton Hall grad and New Jersey native, stepped in. “I was surprised the other night when he called and said, ‘Hey coach, I think UConn is the best place for me.'”

12. What Year Is Adama Sanogo at UConn?

Adamo Sanogo is a junior for the UConn Huskies. Because of the NCAA’s pandemic regulations, he has two years of eligibility remaining in his third season with UConn.

13. Why Is Adama Sanogo Fasting During the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Adama Sanogo will be fasting for the NCAA tournament, including the Final Four, as part of his Muslim beliefs. Sanogo and two teammates, Hassan Diarra, and Samson Johnson, have only eaten and drank before and after sunrise and dusk.

“It’s hard because, as you say, it’s my faith, and this is something I didn’t start doing this year,” he told ESPN. This is something I’ve been doing since I was in high school. I used to do it while I was in AAU. It’s something I’ve done since I was a child. I simply have to do it.”

Sanogo went on to say that he was inspired by Hakeem Olajuwon, who fasted in the 1990s while playing for the University of Houston in the NCAA tournament, telling ESPN, “That’s one of the reasons I’m doing it.” Why can’t I do it if he can? I debated not doing it — should I do it during the tournament or wait until after the tournament — but he’s one of the reasons I did.”

“From (sundown) to like 5 a.m. the next morning, I eat a lot of protein,” Sanogo told CBS Sports. My strength coach makes sure I drink enough water and hydrate frequently. For example, I get up at five o’clock in the morning and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. That’s what we’re doing right now: getting up at 5 a.m. and drinking a lot of coconut water to stay hydrated throughout the day.”

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