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Charleston White Age, Height, Net Worth



Charleston White

Charleston White is a motivator for the young generation, a YouTuber, a public figure, and a former criminal from the United States of America. He is one of the most controversial people out there. He is known for his famous venture which is known as Hype Street Outreach Program. He is famous for his strong personality and people admire that he left his criminal past behind and is working to make a good future. However, to date, he hates many other celebrities. Due to this different behavior and running negative errands on celebrities, he has more haters than fans. 

Who is Charleston White: Age, Origin, Family

Charleston White was born in Texas in 1970. He grew up in a two-parent household with his mother and father. His mother is well-known to him, as he has dedicated a touching post to her on social media. For some unknown reason, White was a troublesome teenager. He joined a gang and spent his time partying and engaging in hooliganism rather than studying. He finally graduated from Texas Wesleyan University in 2015 at the age of 45, where he studied criminal law. charleston white age currently is around 53 years old. 

Charleston White Age

Charleston White’s Crime

White and other gang members embarked on a robbery when he was 12 years old. They murdered someone while breaking into the store. The men were swiftly apprehend The case involved four individuals. Charleston had it easier than others. He was the youngest of the group. As a result, the man was sentenced to a special school rather than prison. The man’s illicit career came to a stop in 1998 when he was freed from prison and decided to start again.

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Charleston White Career

After breaking free from his history, the man began volunteering. He decided to assist young individuals who had taken the wrong road. At the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and Welcome Back Tarrant County, he makes motivational speeches. He created HYPE Youth Outreach in 2012. This is a group that works with people aged 12 to 20. Volunteer work is highly value in the United States. He even worked with several gangs, assisting young gang members who wished to leave the criminal scene.

Charleston White Net Worth

Charleston White Biography

Charleston has a YouTube channel where he discusses how to choose a career path. He is frequently critical of rappers that experiment with illegal substances and portray themselves as criminals. As a result, a man frequently finds himself in conflict situations. He makes strong words, and his passion to make the world a better place occasionally comes across as verbal hooliganism.

How Did Charleston White Shoot Himself?

At the end of 2022, the huge news breakout that this celebrity shot himself. But as a matter of fact, he was still alive. It was a strange story that erupted at the strip club where he shot himself by mistake. But to the good he was safe. Moreover, everything was sorted easily. 

Charleston White Son and Wife

The married volunteer with two children does not hide his family status, but he does not provide additional details about them due to his many enemies. He does a lot of good things, but his words often anger people. It sometimes seems that Charleston deliberately speaks harshly to get attention.

Charleston White Net Worth

The public figure is unquestionably not low. According to some sources, he has a net worth of around $1.5 million. This, however, is exceedingly doubtful. His clothing line and social activities do not generate enough revenue to sustain such a large net worth. His YouTube channel has a sizable following, but not enough to earn $1 million in revenue. His net worth is estimated at around $750,000.

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